Steel Fence and Gate Information

• Five unique styles.
• Matching gates include hinges and latch.
• Steel fence and gate are coated with a durable baked-on finish
• After installing; mounting hardware, cuts, holes and scrapes
  must be touched up with rust inhibiting paint.
• Installation must be regularly maintained with rust resistant paint.
• Posts and accessories sold separately.
• 4" O.C. picket spacing (6" O.C. available on Metalist and Embassy).
• Fence panels are 48" or 72" wide up to 72" installed height.






1. Select style and size

2. Check the following:

a. Neighborhood association requirements
b. Zoning restrictions
c. Local building codes
d. Buried utilities. Call Before You Dig! (some states offer one call service for all utilities)

3. Determine essentials:

a. To determine number of fence sections, divide footage to be fenced
by 4 or 6, depending on panel width (48"W or 72"W)
b. Determine number of posts.
c. Surface mount posts available for some heights.



METALIST Steel Fence


EMBASSY Steel Fence


DECO Steel Fence


OASIS Steel Fence


TRITON Steel Fence