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Hampton Steel Railing

Hampton Railing offers a contemporary, clean style. The 1/2" pickets spaced 4" on center provide an open look that will not obstruct your view.

Hampton comes fully assembled and ready to install using our bolt-thru fitting set (posts and fittings sold separately).

Hampton offers a 1 1/4" x 1" sculpted channel. This decorative rail provides strength and style to Hampton. Designed for both straight applications and steps, Hampton is versitile enough for any project.


The long lasting black, baked-on finish will keep your railing looking good for years. Mounting hardware, cuts, holes and scrapes must be maintained and painted with rust resistant paint. Matching gates are available and come with hinges and a latch.

Using our posts, or your own, Hampton will accent any deck.

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Pickets: 1/2" Square Tube

Picket Spacing: 4" on center

Top & Bottom Rail: 1 1/4" x 1" Sculpted Channel

Posts: 48" Windsor Newel Post with Separate Flange

Panel Mounted Height: 36"

Panel Actual Height: 32"

Baked-on Black Finish

Hampton Rail
4'L 604
6'L 605

1 1/4" Newel Post
Height Item#
48" 670

Fittings and Accessories
Item Item#
Fitting Set 438
1 1/4" Floor Flange 579
Masonry Anchor 583
Lag Bolts 630
Lambs Tongue 437
Rail Support 435
Harmony Ornament 571
Newel Post Support 456
4' Channel 104
6' Channel 106


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