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Triton Steel Fence

Contemporary, and Traditional, Triton Fence offers a clean three rail look. Similar to both Deco and Embassy, Triton will decorate and secure your property.

Triton is available in installed heights of 48" and 72". This gives 3 inches of ground clearance. Available in 4' or 6' Lengths, Triton has 1/2" pickets spaced 4" on center.

Triton gates are available to match your Triton fence. These gates are available in a variety of sizes and include a latch and hinges.



Hand welded in the United States, Triton fence uses a 2" post. A fence fitting is used to attach the fence panel with the post.

Triton fence is coated with a black, baked-on finish. Mounting harware, cuts, holes and scrapes must be painted with rust resistant paint. Periodic maintenance is required.

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Grade Standard Elite
Pickets 5/8" sq. 1"sq.
Rails 1" x 1" 1 5/8" x 1 5/8"
Posts 2" sq. x .060" 2 1/2" sq. x .070"
Gate Post 2" sq. x .125" 2 1/2" sq. x .125"


Height Length Part Number
Triton Fence
48"H 4'L 310027T
6'L 310028T
72"H 4'L 310030T
6'L 310029T

In-Ground Part Number Surface Mount Part Number
72'H 783 49"H 793
96"H 785 73"H 795
Add Ball Caps 985


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