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Fairfield Aluminum Railing

Fairfield Aluminum Railing adds a third rail to the Summit Railing for added style. Manufactured from high grade aluminum alloy, Fairfield will meet most railing codes. Check your local codes prior to installation.

Fairfield comes fully assembled and ready to install using one of three installation methods (posts and fittings sold separately).

Rivet covers provide a clean finished look. Longer center spindles on sections 6' or greater provide added strength.



Riveted construction and a quality black or white powder coat help insure Fairfield Rail will last.

Fairfield looks great using your current deck posts or our 2 1/2" posts. Gates are available and come with hinges and a latch.

Choose from three mounting options. For a straight rail, use either the installation spindle or a wall mount bracket. If an angle (horizontal or vertical) is needed, use the swivel fittings. Regardless of your installation method, putting up your DIY Aluminum rail is quick and easy.


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Pickets: 5/8" Square

Picket Spacing: 4" on center

Top Rail: 2 1/2"

Posts: 2 1/2" Square, welded flanges available

Panel Mounted Height: 36" or 42"

Panel Actual Height: 33" or 39"

Powder Coated Black or White

Add Color Designation to the end of the Item#
B - Black, W - White
36" Installed Panel Height
Size 4'W 5'W 6'W 8'W
Item# 617031 617041 617051 617071

42" Installed Panel Height
Size 4'W 5'W 6'W 8'W
Item# 617131 617141 617151 617171

2 1/2" Newel Post w/welded flange
Size 37"H 43"H 48"H
Item# 629036F 629042F 629048F

2 1/2" Newel Post
Size 37"H 43"H 48"H
Item# 629036 629042 629048

Item# Item
629056 36" Installation Spindles
629055 42" Installation Spindles
629067 Post or Wall Mount Brackets
629066 Swivel Attachment Fitting
629062 Summit Decorative Spindle Flange
629080 Estate Ornament
629085 Butterfly Ornament
629090 2 1/2" Ball Cap
629054 Lambs Tongue



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